Hockey can take a lesson from the Internet – Open Source Hockey

Open source software allows users free software for use and users can improve and develop it for mutual and universal benefit. The most successful piece of open source software is the internet. It is clear that when it comes to open source price is not the only or best advantage. Other advantages are security, quality, customizability, freedom, flexibility and cost. Open source hockey works the same way as open source software. So how do we create Open Source Hockey. Provide resources and opportunities for players without the high costs while maintaining the highest quality. If you have ideas on how to make open source hockey a reality we want to partner with you. There is always great opportunities to build programs, build teams or share ideas. If you have great ideas or just want to implement a program we would like to provide you a venue. It all starts with one easy step. Please click link below:

Please click here to start your hockey idea and improve the experience for elite hockey players.

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