Top 5 Sports for Hockey Players

There are many sports that help improve athleticism for young hockey players and improve hockey play. Competing in other sports and performing in different activities has shown to improve hockey performance. It is easy to notice players that play other sports vs. those that have specialized at a young age. Well rounded athletes are confident and live for challenges and are smarter. Many players that over specialize in hockey have trouble playing basketball or other sports with friends who don’t play hockey. We will take this opportunity to think about other sports and see how they can improve our hockey players. We will first examine many other sports and their benefits for hockey and finish with a top 5 ranking as to benefit for hockey.

Soccer: How exciting is it to play and watch soccer. The world cup was special and the foot skills and passing that soccer players train to achieve translate well to ice. The strategy, passing and conditioning soccer provides young athletes is great. Additionally soccer teaches team play and leadership skills that can translate into hockey.

Basketball: Quickness, explosiveness and hand eye coordination is improved greatly by hockey players playing basketball.

Baseball: Great sport for hand eye coordination, conditioning, and upper and lower body power.

Tennis/Racquet Sports: Quickness, hand eye coordination, lateral movements and individual stamina. The pressure situations in sports like tennis develop mental toughness for hockey players and for reliance on self along with team.

Golf: Hand eye coordination, mental strength and fitness, patience and strategy. These are huge skills that golf can help athletes refine. Also how to deal with failure and practice to be better.

Lacrosse: Similar benefits as soccer but hand skills also. Passing and game strategy with physical pressure.

Football/Rugby: Speed, quickness, physical strength, strategy and teamwork all make football and rugby great sports for hockey players.

Martial Arts/Boxing: Self confidence, flexibility, balance and upper and lower body power. These sports help hockey players overcome challenges on and off the ice.

Cross Country Running: Stamina and conditioning.

Track and Field: Speed, strength, power, and quickness for hockey players.

Swimming: It works every part of your body including your lungs, without applying pressure on your muscles. it takes a lot of strength to become a competitive swimmer, but its a sport anyone can do and any age. Swimmers have a lot flexibility and conditioning.

Skiing: Closest sport to hockey that is fun and adventurous. Demanding on body and mind and teaches superior focus.

Figure Skating/Speed Skating: Skating power and stride skills along with edge training.

Biking: Improve endurance and lower body strength. Work the gross motor functions of your body and improve core.

Volleyball: Jumping and team skills.

Yoga: Concentration and flexibility skills as well as physical fitness.

Weight Training/Off Ice Exercises: Can mimic many sports and can develop major muscle groups that might have been neglected and build overall athletic ability.

Top 5 Sports Complimentary to Hockey

1. Soccer
2. Tennis/Racquet Sports
3. Lacrosse
4. Martial Arts/Boxing
5. Swimming

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