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Small Groups Forming to Train and Develop Athletes: Summer and Fall Programs Start June 1. Submit Form to show interest: Apply here: form

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Some of our tournaments we play are below:

Elite TrainingElite Training
World Selects Invite May 2-6, 2020World Selects Invite May 2-6, 2020
NAPS Beantown June 19-21, 2020NAPS Beantown June 19-21, 2020
Minnesota Ultimate Showcase July 24-26, 2020Minnesota Ultimate Showcase July 24-26, 2020
NAPS Buffalo June 19-21, 2020NAPS Buffalo June 19-21, 2020
Chicago Shootout May 1-3, 2020Chicago Shootout May 1-3, 2020

2020 Tournament Team Program with players from USA , Canada, and Europe

Our players come from all over the world looking for opportunities to develop, showcase and reach hockey potential. Most of our tournament teams practice prior to tourney games when possible. Our goal is to create opportunities for players to showcase their skills and get opportunities to reach their potential and get recognized for it.

For more info email MyEdgeHockey@gmail.com

For more information contact myedgehockey@gmail.com.

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Myedgehockey is a Minnesota Non Profit Corporation. We offer Elite Training, Development and Competition Opportunity to top players.

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Many of our players have asked us to make available spiritwear for them. To purchase MyEdge Spiritwear click here.