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Small Groups Forming to Train and Develop Athletes: Summer and Fall Programs Start June 1. Submit Form to show interest: Apply here: form

Summer Groups (Pods) formed. Spots may be available. Taking registrations for Fall program. Sign up early as limited spots available. Summer program goes from June 1-Aug 9, Fall program goes from Aug 10 to Tryouts.

Summer program will be 8 weeks of three 75-minute slots each week. Fall program will be 10 weeks for HS players and 5 weeks for Bantam and younger.  All training consists of three 75-minute slots per week. No weekend hockey during tournament weekends and Holidays (June 29 – July 12, July 24-26, Aug 14-16, Oct 9-11, and Nov 1-3 & one weekend in Sep TBD)

To make a path to higher levels in hockey there is a process. Josh Kern has helped many players reach their goals through a process that works. Training technical and specific skills that will help players separate themselves and make an impression at tryouts.

We offer training and development in Minnesota and tournament teams that play in the most prestigious tournaments. Many of our players have received opportunities to compete at the highest levels. 

Apply here: form

  • Professional, College & Junior training program (summer only)
  • Boys High School Hockey Boys training program (summer & fall to high school tryouts)
  • Girls High School Hockey training program (summer & fall to high school tryouts)
  • Bantam Boys training program (summer & fall to tryouts)
  • Girls 14 and under program (summer & fall to tryouts)
  • Peewee Boys training program (summer & fall to tryouts)
  • Girls 12 and under program (summer & fall to tryouts)
  • Squirt Boys training program (summer & fall to tryouts)
  • Girls 10 and under program (summer & fall to tryouts)
  • Mite Boys training program (summer & fall to tryouts)
  • Girls 8 and under program (summer & fall to tryouts)
  • Take the next step program (program for players who are current playing B2 or C that want develop the skills to go compete at higher levels)

We offer flexibility in our program for training. Sign up for summer, summer and fall. Summer program starts

Goalies pay ½ price for training. Special Goalie training is part of programs. Brennan Poderzay is one of our goalie coaches. Goalies if signing up for the fall program pay full price as they will be part of team. Apply here: form

Tournaments: To show interest in tourney teams apply here: form

NAPS Buffalo, NY June 19-21, 2009 – 2012 age groups (possible update pending)

NAPS Boston, MA August 14-16, 2002 – 2008 age groups (updated 5-19-20)

WSI Philadelphia, PA June 22-26, 2004 & 2005 age groups (possible update pending)

Minnesota Ultimate Showcase, St. Paul, MN, July 24-26, 2002 – 2012 age groups

Triple Crown, Nashville, TN Aug 13-16, 2006 age group

We hope to create opportunities for the best youth hockey players in the world. We help players take the next step. We are based in Minnesota but our players come from across USA, Canada and world to play with our teams and train in our programs. We look forward to learning about your player and helping him achieve unlimited potential and value from the great game of hockey. Please see opportunities below. Even if team is full under rare circumstances players can’t participate opening up opportunities for other players. Please complete form to be notified of opening in our MN programs that offer training and development with tourney team opportunities. Please complete this form to participate on our tourney only teams made up of best players from USA, Canada and Europe. Only one form is required to be filled out. Questions and player inquiries  email myedgehockey@gmail.com. 

2020 Spring Summer Fall MN Training, Development & Tourney Program

Our 2020 Spring Summer/Fall Program is for players in 2013 to 2002 age groups that will play 3-4 Elite Spring/Summer Tournaments. We have elite training in Minnesota with Josh Kern and staff. Up to 5 hours of training every weekend when there is no tourney. For Tourney’s we have MN teams and teams made up of players from across US, Canada and Europe. We play against top teams and have some of the best players in in the world on our teams. To apply for our MN program click here. Summer training schedule below – Each training session will be 75 to 90 minutes. Schedule created so players are able to take advantage of HS STP, Multiple sports and other activities while maintaining intense on ice hockey training that will take them to the next level. Training will occur at Parade Ice Garden and other centrally located rinks to provide access to elite players. Submit form above to apply to training. Flexibility allowed for players who want to train at other times with proper notice to coach when space allows.

Some of our tournaments we play are below:

Elite TrainingElite Training
World Selects Invite May 2-6, 2020World Selects Invite May 2-6, 2020
NAPS Beantown June 19-21, 2020NAPS Beantown June 19-21, 2020
Minnesota Ultimate Showcase July 24-26, 2020Minnesota Ultimate Showcase July 24-26, 2020
NAPS Buffalo June 19-21, 2020NAPS Buffalo June 19-21, 2020
Chicago Shootout May 1-3, 2020Chicago Shootout May 1-3, 2020

2020 Tournament Team Program with players from USA , Canada, and Europe

Our players come from all over the world looking for opportunities to develop, showcase and reach hockey potential. Most of our tournament teams practice prior to tourney games when possible. Our goal is to create opportunities for players to showcase their skills and get opportunities to reach their potential and get recognized for it.

For more info email MyEdgeHockey@gmail.com

For more information contact myedgehockey@gmail.com.

For interest in our programs fill out profile below:

Please Apply for Invite Here

Myedgehockey is a Minnesota Non Profit Corporation. We offer Elite Training, Development and Competition Opportunity to top players.

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Many of our players have asked us to make available spiritwear for them. To purchase MyEdge Spiritwear click here.