Boys 2003 Elite information

“Yeah, I’m cocky and I am arrogant. But that doesn’t mean I’m not a nice person.”

—Jeremy Roenick

Are you the best 2003 born player in your area? Do you have aspirations to play at the highest levels of college and professional hockey? We will form the strongest 2003 team with the goal of development and winning spring/summer tournaments. The team will compete to win and will have training during the spring summer season. The goal is for development, puck touches and ice time. 

Each team will have 3/4 tournaments, professional coaching, and training on ice & off ice.

Teams will roster a maximum 3 lines and 2 goalies. Player development, showcase and advancement is what we do.

Spring Summer Season Start: March 22. Teams play until last tournament in August. Team coaches and managers will decide on tournaments and final dates. 40hrs of on ice training and 20 hrs of off ice per team. Summer friendly schedule. Tournaments and training schedule announced in December.

Cost: $1750 includes Jerseys, Socks, Hat, T-Shirt & Shorts.

Coaching Staff: Josh Kern & Staff

Training Locations: Parade Ice Garden, Breck Ice Arena, Highland Ice Arena, St. Louis Park, Eden Prairie CC, Braemar & other centrally located rinks

MN 2021 AAA Program

For Questions email myedgehockey@gmail.com Invite only program:

Tryout process for MN Birth Year Teams*

*player has to be able to practice and play with MN team and live locally – no exceptions – out of town players are welcome to play in tourney only teams:

  1. Submit form and pay tryout fee.
  2. Player invited to Fall training session and evaluated by coaching staff
  3. Coaching staff provides evaluation with invite to team or feedback.

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