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Bringing Top Players Together To Take The Next Step. Created for youth development and not for profit. Opportunities available for players born from 2001 to 2012. For elite hockey players who want to shine brighter!

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2014 Spring Information

We are forming teams at different birth years to play in a few select tournaments. The teams are mostly organized by word of mouth to determine suitability and maximum development and value for players. There is no formal tryout since many participants are across country. We will form small rosters and focus on development and fun competition. We encourage interested families to get involved to improve their experience and team experience.

Working with the nonprofit model the teams will be a reflection of what families want to do. We will look to form the best teams possible, help provide interaction between families to tailor ideal program. We are not competing with any spring program and most if not all will be doing other spring programs and may play for other teams. The goal is to provide a rewarding experience to play with other strong players and continue development. Many of our teams have started to form and we are looking to finish the rosters with a few players. We are looking for sponsors and some teams may end up being sponsored. Please apply for a team if you are interested in joining. Please email Dipen Mehta at myedgehockey@gmail.com with any questions.

We are trying to create opportunities for playing or training with other strong players. We are from the Chicago area and are drawing players and coaches from all over the country. Please click birth year above for specific information about team. We will update as we have new information. Feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Suggestions Welcome.

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