Traits of the Best Goal Scorers. Are they Elite Passers too?

In his first 575 games Wayne Gretzky scored 500 goals. Over the course of his career he scored 894 goals in 1487 games. He was the most prolific scorer ever. Although he is the leader in the goal scoring category his legacy to his teammates and his fans remains his unselfish team first play. Heads up players that look to create, improvise and communicate are rare and can electrify teams and franchises with production and improved team play. Sidney Crosby and Patrick Kane are more valuable to their teams than pure goal scorers like Alexander Ovechkin but it isn’t easy to score and great goal scorers have earned their grade through hard work and refinement of skill. What does it take?

Great Goal Scorers are elite passers: The are willing to give the puck up and want it back. Their want their teammates to be engaged with them towards team success and they can’t score unless someone passes to them.

Great Goal Scorers Hit the net hard: They are willing to work in front of the goalie and play strong against the bigger defensemen to be ready to capitalize on opportunities.

Great Goal Scorers have a Great Shot: From the quick release to the accuracy of placement, a great shot takes a lot of practice.

Great Goal Scorers have High Hockey IQ and Sense: They develop plays and see the game at faster speeds to create scoring opportunities. They communicate well with teammates and they move into space where they can find shooting opportunities.

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