Developing Hockey IQ

Hockey IQ for your player comes from developing not only good playing habits but increasing hockey knowledge and acumen. There are many software programs and motivational tapes one can buy that will improve play but is true iq developed or harnessed from what is already there. It is likely developed but based on physical and psychological background it may be easier for some to acquire then others.

Software programs:

1) USA Hockey offers intelligym. This is a game like software that teaches hockey and lets players enjoy a game similar to hockey where smart decisions are enforced with points.

2) Developing General IQ would also improve Hockey IQ. Becoming a smart hockey player is easier if you work on becoming a smart person.

3) A pure education site that is free and teaches everything from basic math to higher education. Helps improve intelligence.


1) Play other team and individual sports. Many mental strategies in hockey are similar in other sports. For example the ball movement for a soccer team resemble puck possession in hockey. We talk about sports ideal for hockey here.

2) Classroom sessions: Many coaches take advantage of classroom and teaching sessions to teach concepts. These classroom sessions often can leapfrog individuals as they see what is needed and how to fix through video and explanation. Many parents also spend time videotaping to teach.

3) Private Mentoring: Many players utilize mentors who teach subtle aspects of the game for player improvements. Mentors can be hockey coaches, former or older player and friends. There is great benefit of utilizing mentors and learning.

4) Psychological Training: Many books and tapes are available for improving hockey psychology and mindset. The mental aspect of the game represents over 50% of the performance. Athletes with correct focus, determination and passion make better decisions. This involves not only mental training but proper rest and attitude. Many PHd’s have published websites and tapes with mental training information.

Training Hockey IQ is an important part of hockey training.

The goal of is to be a advocate for talented youth hockey players. Good luck to all that participate in elite youth hockey and best wishes to all youth hockey families. To be notified of programs we run please apply.