Development and the Coach

A game changing player is easy to notice. You may notice the speed or the skill, the determination or the quiet confidence. What you don’t see gives the most insight. You don’t see the many positive coaches that have spent the time and care to teach and develop this player. Good coaches teach the game, provide instruction for skill development and push players to their upper limits of potential. Although easy said this is often very difficult to do.

There are many forces present that prevent coaches from doing the very job that makes them good. In youth hockey coaches are unfortunately measured on wins and losses. Coach A must be good because his team went 25 – 5. Clubs, coaches and hockey directors disillusioned by wanting fame focus on winning. Players are no longer developing skills that will further their career in the sport but learning traps and placed on a short bench that gains the coach, club and team wins. Players on these teams are forced to train independently to keep their edge. Great hockey players are even better athletes. Although positional teaching helps the team win near term games a great coach realizes that playing other sports and developing athletic ability are important for the long term development of the players. Players need to spend athletic time away from the rink and that means encouraging other individual and team sports and working with the player so they can meet the demands of multiple sports and school.

Great coaches teach and help players develop skills. Winning and improvement in games are result of the work towards improving players. In youth sports the focus on winning, recruiting and the end justifies the mean approach create players that cannot advance in the sport and coaches that are rated by the wrong metrics. Great coaches not only teach the game, they teach responsibility, respect and reward hard work. How often have we seen coaches give entitlements to a few players that they had to recruit very hard to help the team win while other players seem to be measured at different standards. Great coaches understand that entitlements, different standards and other mistakes can hurt development and the team. The ultimate accomplishments of youth players are defining mark for great coaches not the personal fame that comes from putting a team of stars together.

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