Join My Edge Hockey

Let’s face it playing hockey at a high level is a major commitment. Not only is this commitment physical but emotional and financial. Many families have multiple children and even though they are well off they struggle with the toll of time and resources a commitment to hockey takes. Despite this hockey is an awesome sport and no matter what level your son or daughter plays there is tremendous satisfaction and happiness they achieve from being at the rink. It is for this love of the game that we have to as adults respect their love and their effort and provide opportunities for the kids. The goal of My Edge Hockey is to provide unique opportunities for kids to improve their game and take the next step. We want to create win win programs that provide development and opportunity for sponsors to improve their brands and to give back to the great game of hockey by supporting great young hockey players.

If your son or daughter is and elite player in their age group and is looking for opportunities we suggest they fill out the player application. Please Apply for Invite Here

By filling out application you will become eligible for invite to some of our programs.

Please be on the lookout for sponsored training programs, sponsored events and sponsored tournament teams. We are also looking for motivated individuals to help us create the best opportunities for top youth players. Please contact with any questions or if you have interest in helping create opportunities for great young hockey players.