Josh Kern

MINNESOTA’S MyEdgeHockey Introduces Partnership with JOSH KERN


“Organic, Unique and Modern at its best!”

Josh Kern will integrate his innovative hockey training development methods into MyEdgeHockey’s standing elite AAA teams and showcase tournaments across USA, Canada and Europe to bring the skill base of the next generation of Minnesota hockey players to a new level.

Kern will oversee all Hockey Operations including Director of Player Development – teaching, training and coaching the newer generation of hockey players the “New” game of hockey, more specifically, teaching the advanced athlete the newest hockey techniques, terminologies and gear specs, combined with real-time video analysis.

Coach Kern brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, playing professionally, teaching, and coaching at the youth to NHL levels. Kern conveys a fresh and modern approach to hockey training and development. He’s passionate about monitoring and developing high-end athletes, staff instructors and coaches, and prideful for bringing the most up-to-date hockey coaching on and off the ice.

Based in Minnesota, MyEdgeHockey works with elite AAA players from all over the world to Create teams and training opportunities to participate in elite invite and showcase tournaments. Provide opportunities for high-end players to play in top tournaments and gain access to modern training. Growing every year MyEdgeHockey participated in elite AAA tourneys across USA, Canada and Europe. Developing, connecting and promoting players to play at the next level; Junior, College and Professional opportunities.


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