Myedgehockey is dedicated to helping elite youth hockey players and improving their training. Are you interested in working with the best coaches in the dedicated to improving your play? Do you agree with us that better coaching in smaller group environment creates better results? Do you want your hockey player to be pushed to their potential, compete with and against the best?

This is the first training program that is not created for profit only for the benefit of
the members. If the best training is all you are interested in this is what we offer. We aim to provide skaters and goalies access to the best on ice hockey training available. We are not affiliated with any coach, tournament, club, or company to provide the most independent training and playing opportunities that focus on increasing development and improving play at pass through cost.

Myedgehockey will also put together teams at different birth years for competition at elite tournaments with focus on competing at a high level and development.

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Current Training Program

Please contact for more information on available programs.

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