Should Top players play Elite Hockey Tournaments in the Spring or Summer

There are clearly benefits and drawbacks in playing elite hockey tournaments in the spring and summer. In the summer the players should enjoy the heat, swim, play with their friends and most importantly recover from the long fall and winter seasons. Alternatively spring/summer can be a good change to play with new players and try new things. Mixing hockey with a vacation/road trip is actually a lot of fun for the family. We all know those parents who sign their kids up for 6/7 spring/summer tournaments. That might be pushing it. The goal of the off season is to train to perform better during the season and to hone your love for the game. It never hurts to train to get better or play in 2 or 3 tournaments over the March – August period but one must concentrate on becoming a better athlete and improving on weaknesses. That means spending a lot of time away from the rink. has great new site for youth development called Hockey Skills. Deborah Francisco writes about 6 ways to improve your game in the off season and none of them require you to be on the ice. The six ways are 1)Skip Rope; 2)Develop Core: 3)Do reactive drills; 4)Train with a friend; 5)Aim High; and 6) Stretch and Recover.

It is easy for a parent to see their kid excel in the sport and sign them up for too much hockey. There are many programs and opportunities to train. The best choice is to find balance. Find opportunities for your top player to train occasionally on the ice, a few times off the ice and spend the rest of the times, especially weekends when the whole family is together doing fun things. A family trip to a tournament is a lot of fun as long as you limit the trips to 1 or 2. There will be plenty of opportunities to travel the world and play hockey. Make sure you play with a team that will be built for development and not ego. Low pressure atmosphere but playing with other top players with no one getting entitlements. Good coaches that understand development will encourage creativity and team building skills that are not only fun but help each player improve and reach the top of  his game.

We look forward to working with the next generation of players that will look to improve in the off season. We will be running training programs with great coaches and will be forming teams for spring/summer tournament competition for Spring/Summer 2014. Please fill out player application for consideration. We will have teams in birth years 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007. Please click birth year link for more information on tournaments for your birth year. Please Apply for Invite Here

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