What it Takes to be the Best Hockey Player?

It takes a lot to be the best at hockey. As a youth hockey player one must navigate well to avoid pitfalls and rise to greatness. There is no set formula but there are some common attributes found in many great players:

1) Love of the Game: Love is a passion. To play over all else and to study and religiously play with heart only the love can bring.

2) Commitment to Develop: Put in the time, on ice, off ice and practice the skills needed to be the best.

3) Self Belief: You must believe in yourself and what you can achieve. This means staying firm in your beliefs even when others are doubting.

4) Self Control: Discipline and Focus are difficult with all the distractions of life. To manage this is not easy.

5) Support from Key People: You need support from key people that give you the correct outlook and help you clear uncertainties. These key individuals might be your parents, your coaches, teammates or even your mentors. They are there for you day to day to be by your side when you need them.

6) Talent Honed with Proper Technique: Talent is multifaceted. You may see the ice well or skate well. But to combine all your talents with proper technique is expression of how good you are. This is what shows people you are the best. This may come naturally or with hours of practice. Either way you hone it.

7) Humility and Good Character: You may get by without it but you won’t last too long without it. The great players have it. They realize how hard it is to get where they are and don’t want to lose it.

8) Luck: You need to be in right place at the right time and make the right decisions. Luckily by following the first 7 steps this gets a little easier.

The goal of myedgehockey.com is to be a advocate for talented youth hockey players. Good luck to all that participate in elite youth hockey and best wishes to all youth hockey families. To be notified of programs we run please apply.

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