Top Player Identification and Aspiration describes a player ranking system that classifies top prospects by the level of talent they display. 10 is the highest rating and it describes “generational talent.” They give examples of players that it represents and I don’t think anyone would argue: Bobby Orr, Gretzky, and Patrick Roy. The rankings go down from 10 all the way to 1 which describe a borderline minor hockey player. Most elite players are somewhere in between. It is unlikely we will see another Gretzky or Orr or Roy but does that mean we may never see someone that great? The type of talent that a level 10 player has is consistent. It is this consistency that describes their greatness.

Many players have had Gretzky type games but only Gretzky did it night in and night out. To achieve a level of consistency at the highest level that is better then all is the aspiration that every top hockey player should have. Many players work hard and many players have talent but to have awe inspiring talent honed by relentless work ethic gives a player a ranking of 10. An example of Gretzky’s rare combination described Jabber Head of the Bleacher report: ” As the legend goes, as a child Wayne Gretzky would, like most other boys in his home country, watch the NHL on television every chance he could get. What made him different, however, was that every time, he would sit there with a blank piece of white paper and a pencil. Without looking at the paper, eyes constantly on the screen, he would trace the path of the puck on his sheet of paper throughout the course of the game. By the end of the game, he would have a sheet of paper covered in pencil marks, and the darkest areas were where the puck spent the most time. Years later, Gretzky would amaze the world with an uncanny ability—never seen before or since—to know where the puck would be even before anyone else knew they were going to send it there.”

We believe that we will see players come with “generational talent” in the future. We know that they are not born at ranking 10 but rather they work towards it. We are looking for ones that aspire to be great despite the negativity that they face around them. We know it takes a positive attitude, great work ethic and superior support to make it happen. We urge every coach to look treat every hockey player with the respect they would a future Gretzky because you never know.

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