Triple Crown Nashville Aug 13-16

Triple Crown Nashville 2020 – Aug 13-16

For Players that are 2006 Birth Year

The Triple Crown Nashville is SuperSeries AAA premier event, hosting some of the world’s best in the 06′ birth year.

To be considered for a spot and you are a new player with MyEdge Hockey please complete Profile below.

PhotoNbr Name PosHome TownLast TeamCountry
Hayden Ashcroft46Ashcroft, HaydenFNashville Jr. PredatorsUSA
Luke Collins51Collins, LukeFNashville Jr. PredatorsUSA
George Daravingas22Daravingas, GeorgeDChaska ChanhassanUSA
Calvin Gardner91Gardner, CalvinGNashville Jr. PredatorsUSA
Price Grimes84Grimes, PriceDNashville Jr. PredatorsUSA
Ryan Hoogsteen50Hoogsteen, RyanFNashville Jr. PredatorsUSA
Zack Howard37Howard, ZackDNashville Jr. PredUSA
Dominick Kamssu40Kamssu, DominickDNashville Jr. PredUSA
Caleb Klein38Klein, CalebFNashville Jr. PredatorsUSA
Talen McBride88McBride, TalenFIndy Jr. FuelUSA
Tanner Morgan34Morgan, TannerFNashville Jr. PredatorsUSA
Samuel Ovsak80Ovsak, SamuelDFargoUSA
Aidan Pustizzi90Pustizzi, AidanDNashville Jr. PredatorsUSA
Robbie Rajnys44Rajnys, RobbieFHampton Road WhalersUSA
Ben Sonkin96Sonkin, BenFNashville Jr. PredatorsUSA
Makaio Van Tassel42Van Tassel, MakaioFNashville Jr. PredatorsUSA
Alexander Vogelpohl31Vogelpohl, AlexanderGIndy FuelUSA