What is your definition of a winner?

Several thoughts come to mind when we talk about a winner. A winner might have brought his team back from a big deficit or motivated his team to success as a coach. Sometimes winning is defined by a less talented team defeating a more talented team. Winning is also someone picking the correct lottery numbers. As we can see winning comes in many forms but how do we define it.

As we can see there is a luck component, there is skill component and there is a effort component. We all love simple relationships like pi*r^2 or force equals mass times acceleration so let’s try to simplify winning. Let’s call W winning. It equals L (luck) + S (skill) + E (effort). Now if we have a great deal of L we may be fine until luck runs out and it always does. If we have a great deal of S we won’t get very far with out some L and E. As we can see the components of winning are dependent on each other. We need Luck with Skill and Effort.

So if we have L + S + E we have a winner. You may say this definition is way too simple. Winning involves others in team sports, patience, character and other intangibles that aren’t covered by our simple formula. But if you think about all the intangibles can you win without a good amount of luck, skill or effort. Now as we define the details of the formula what is most important. We have all heard a version of the quote hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Talent is skill and hard work is effort. But how many times have we seen that player that works harder than everyone but doesn’t have quite the skill and then there is that player that has that truly poor work ethic but makes the top team because he has skill.

Although you may hear a lot about how important it is to work hard (it is) or how work ethic will beat talent the bottom line is work ethic is a skill that you measure like speed or quickness and in terms of what you can control it is Skill that will make you a winner. Winning comes from skill. W = S! Your character, your work ethic, your height or your stick handling ability as well as other aspects make your skill and that is what makes you a winner. As an elite hockey player that is what you need to focus on. That will need effort but wasted over effort will not develop skill and could detract skill. Focus your player on how he/she can improve skill and to fairly understand where their skill level is so they can take the next step.

Now we are writing this to define what a winner is. Can you be a winner without skill? Most definitely if you get lucky. You are playing with an extremely skilled player or players or other circumstances. Can you be winner without skill and luck. Most likely not but you can have a winning attitude. This attitude more than anything else will make you a winner. Often it is not where you in skill that matters for your future. What matters is where you will be in the future. You can use your skill to develop a path that can help you achieve success. You are never really written off until you write yourself off. Be a winner by building skill. Be a winner by understanding work ethic, character are all skills. Separate yourself with your skill and become a winner.

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