Small Group & Private Training for 20/21 Season

Small Group & Private Training for 20/21 Season

Weekday options will be available for those that are doing Hybrid, Online school or available in early mornings or afternoons in the fall/winter. If you are interested in that  please signup fill out this form so we know what would work best for you when you know. At this time we ask you fill out form and not pay and once we have dates, times and locations finalized we will request payment for this program. Train Weekdays

Start the week of Oct. 5, 2020 through Friday April 16, 2021 (no training weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s)

Modern Techniques, modified age-appropriate skillset practice plans, in-game situation drills, real-time on-ice video analysis, 360 player profiling, stickhandling homework, and gear spec data.

Specialty Training Advancement Program

-Ages/Levels: Mite, Squirt, PeeWee, Bantam through High School

-Small-Group Training (6-8 players per slot). Athletes are placed into groups by age/level

-Total Sessions: 12 (one 45min, per week)

-Morning Time Slots: (45min): 6-6:45am (Bant-High School), 6:45-7:30am (Squirt/Peewee), 7:30-8:15am (Mite). Assigned time slots can be modified per rink location.

-Weekday Options: Contact Josh Kern for day and time per rink location

-Rink Location Options: Brooklyn Park, Fogerty, Maple Grove, Braemar, Vadnais Heights, Super Rink or request your local rink

-Dates: Oct. 5 – April 16 / (2) 12-week sessions (1st Oct 5 – Jan 15 & 2nd Jan 25 – April 16), no sessions week of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years

-Registration Options:

$540 ($45 per session) -12 sessions

$960 ($40 per session) -24 sessions

$1,350 ($37.50 per session) -36 sessions

$1,680 ($35 per session) -48 sessions

Discount – $120 off (pay-in-full)

-Training: During each session, athletes will study and execute a specific skating, stickhandling, and shooting technique then applied to an offensive in-game situational drill to a shot!

-Instruction: Skating, stickhandling, puck protection, and shooting


-Contact: Josh Kern – 612.666.3930,

Please note:

When responding, be sure to request at least two different rink locations, desired time, and multiple weekday options. If you have a group of 4-6 players and would like to schedule a specific rink location, please contact me directly. Josh


MyEdge Hockey focuses on individualized skill development, in-game drills, combined with real-time video analysis creating a truly unique training environment for the elite players. The drive to master each skill set only comes through thousands of hours of repetition and to push each player outside of their comfort zone. We use modern advanced techniques  combined  with  video and continuous feedback strategies to see instant results that is transferred over to game play. We aim to be organic and innovative using real-time video analysis, visual learning concepts, motorized learned behaviors and integrate modern techniques to  maximize player development advancements.